What do you mean by local?

  A student in my PR writing class described a hypothetical food festival his group had created for an end-of-semester project. It will showcase food that’s super-hyper-local, he said.  As we unpacked the meanings of local, hyper and super, I thought about how many of us feel a bit virtuous in our grocery shopping and […]

Wandering back alleys with Metro Morning

I had a blast wandering through Toronto’s back alleys with CBC Metro Morning’s Morgan Passi as she prepared this piece for broadcast June 11. Even if we weren’t in your neighbourhood, I’ll bet you recognize the descriptions.   The Fruitful City is available online and in fine bookstores everywhere.

It’s graduation season: Celebrate the ritual

It’s graduation season: Celebrate the ritual   The chancellor spoke in Latin. The graduands, all black-gowned and hooded, dipped or kneeled as the president tapped a mortar board cap on their heads declaring them graduated. I joined the group of freshly-educated at the University of King’s College encaenia. We sang hymns and bowed for prayers, following […]